søndag 11. mai 2008

Cards I made in 2007

Here you can see the cards I made in 2007.

Hope you enjo looking at them.

Two christmascards.

The first one is made by my son, age 12

My niece is 10 years old. This card I made for her.

A card to a newborn girl.

A birthdaycard for my sister-in-law.

Two cars

Girl 12 years.

Girl 14 years.

Autumn boxcard.

Male 60 years

One Christmascard

I made 22 boxcards to my works christmasparty.

A card to a newborn boy .

A card to my niece.

My mother-in-law celabrated birthday in august, here is her card.

A card to my mother`s 70 birthday i july `07.

Me and my sister worked togther on this one.

A boxcard to our friends.

They got married in june `07

A boxcard to our son`s confirmation in may `07.

Card to say "Thank you for the gift"

A card for my sister-in-law`s boyfriends birthday.

A card to my sister-in-law`s birthday.

A card to a nice lady at my work.

Welcome back!!!

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